How to date the life line

How is the time period in relation to life events calculated in hand reading?

The vertical that meets the Life line on the index side is about 20 years. See the first image

Are the following sections always 20 years old?

There are several calculation methods to determine the age on the Life line; let’s try to figure out how.

A first and simple method is to draw a vertical line that starts from the lateral side (towards the middle finger) of the index and goes down to touch the Life line.

At that point the corresponding age is about 20 years.

To continue dating, the Life line is divided into many equal parts to the first identified segment. Each section therefore corresponds to about 20 years.

Another more complex but fascinating method is the one shown in the second image.

1_st image
2_nd image

Two vertical lines are drawn, one from the middle finger to the wrist and the other from the index finger to the wrist.

In most people, the Life line has a curvilinear course that reaches the wrist (about 80 years), while in others it continues and rests at the base of the wrist surrounding the tenar eminence or Mount of Venus (100 years and more) .

Then a line is drawn from the tip of the thumb to meet the first vertical line at the base of the palm.

The meeting point between this third line and the second vertical line (from the index) is the fulcrum of the ‘cake’ of age.

From there, further lines are drawn starting from the fingers and geometric points at the ends of the palm that divide the Life line into different points.

The sections thus obtained are dated as shown in the image.

The first ages follow the progression of 7 years; the next about 14 years.

This method perhaps takes into account the fact that with age, time seems to go faster!

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Chi predice la buona fortuna?

vignetta su chirologia e dnaNon si incontra più per strada la zingara che prediceva la buona fortuna!

Oggi come in un gioco da salotto, improvvisati chiromanti si lanciano in previsioni, lettori di mirabolanti fortune o sciagure a persone con una vita normale che si arrovellano pensando a cosa riserva loro il futuro.

Predire il futuro come arte magica é appannaggio (spero) di pochi incoscienti. Non avete mai avuto dubbi sulla vostra salute perché qualche indovino vi ha predetto la malasorte? Quanto credito date a queste persone che predicono disgrazie o prosperità? Può capitare di cadere nella necessità di avere un riscontro o una smentita ai nostri dubbi, ai nostri timori. Capita quando si è particolarmente esposti emotivamente. Continua a leggere

Chirologia: la Mappa della mano

Ripubblico la Mappa della Mano per chi è alla ricerca di un immediato aiuto e riscontro nella lettura della propria mano.

Cercando i significati delle principali conformazioni: linee, monti, dita, anelli, ecc., potrete conoscere da voi stessi l’analisi chirologica.

FB: Chirologia, la mano parla!

  1. Dito di Giove (indice)
  2. Anello del Re Salomone
  3. Falange della volontà (pollice)
  4. Monte di Giove
  5. Anello di Venere
  6. Falange della mente logica (pollice)
  7. Monte di Marte inferiore
  8. Linea della Vita
  9. Linea di Marte
  10. Monte di Venere
  11. Via Lasciva
  12. Rascette o braccialetti
  13. Dito di Saturno
  14. Dita di Apollo o del Sole
  15. Dito di Mercurio
  16. Anello di Saturno
  17. Monte di Saturno
  18. Monte di Apollo
  19. Linea del Cuore
  20. Monte di Mercurio
  21. Linea della Testa o dell’intelletto
  22. Linea dei figli
  23. Linea del matrimonio
  24. Linea Epatica o della Salute
  25. Linea dell’intuizione
  26. Monte di Marte superiore
  27. Linea del Destino
  28. Linea del Sole
  29. Monte della Luna

To became a professional palmist

Hi I’m a palmist and I want to talk to you about how you could become a professional palmist

Once you decide to learn palmistry and become a professional, the first thing to do is to choose the best the source of knowledge, who can teach you, which book to depend on, etc.

The Palmist profession requires in-depth and updated training for our times.

The Course of Experiential Humanistic Palmistry begins with a first introductory but global approach to the characteristics of the hand and its reading.

Getting to know the hand in its characteristic forms and expressions, learning its symbolism is above all to have a direct experience of reading one’s potential, it is the first moment in which one approaches the fascinating world of chirology.

What can you see?

The modules gradually deepen the individual aspects necessary to acquire greater ease and specialization in recognizing signs and interpreting them according to the most recognized methods.

The training can be carried out individually or in groups, according to the didactic availability of the moment. Each topic is accompanied by handouts and video course, articles, assignments and tutor aid. 

Certificate of attendance is issued for each single module.

WHERE: ONLINE on Zoom and YouTube.

Info and registration: call the WhatsApp number you see below +39.347.4846390.


The training includes about 44 hours of online lessons, home study, seminars, guided consultations, personal growth, specialization, compulsory internship.

A handheld reading received from a professional and certified chirologist is required to learn the approach, method and variations of reading.

The cycle of studies ends with a final exam that will allow you to receive the certificate of Palmist, issued by the Study Center of Palmistry of TURIN (Italy), the town of the magicians

Professional training in Palmistry lasting 11 modules in which 22 lessons of 2 hours each will be held. 

Lessons take place on a monthly basis.

This is the study plan:

• Hand Reading

• Physiognomy

• History of Palmistry 

• Elements of Anatomy and Physiology

• Fundamentals of Energetics and Reflexology

• Elements of Communication

• Methods and techniques of study work

• Ethics and professional deontology

• Profile of the professional Palmist 

• Yin / Yang theory

Dates MODULES years 2022-2023 on ZOOM in Italian.

For each course, recordings are available at any time on YouTube (also in English and Spanish) for individual learning.

Basic Course: 27.april The Map – 9.may The Lines of Personality

Principles of Chirology Course: 7-30 June

July: Homework

Hand Reading Course: 1-22 September

Personalities Course: 6-20 October

Course The Mounts : 3-17 November

Will and Destiny Course: 1-15 December

Talents Course: January

Hand Reflexology Course: February

Communication and Relationship Course: March

Direct Reading Course: April

Palmistry Case Study Course: May – conclusion


All the teachers of the school are trainers with decades of experience in various fields of knowledge.

The informative videos are visible on the youtube channel @chirologia.

Personal comments and requests are welcome.


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Palmistry reading: Putin vs Zelenskii

In this Russia – Ukraine conflict, we see the characteristics of the protagonists at the head of the two nations.

We can understand what the two protagonists can go through by observing their hands but we cannot know how the lives of the inhabitants will interact and, on the whole, how the choices of other countries will affect, especially the world’s powerful.
President Putin, with a long past in power both in the state and in the secret services, is greatly feared for the possibility of using the nuclear weapons option he is leaking in this conflict.
President Zelenskii, on the other hand, has good communication skills which he uses to his advantage to obtain significant aid for his country.

By observing the personality characteristics of the two presidents we can try to predict how their life will develop from this moment on.
Putin has a massive hand, trained by sport, inherently representing an instinctive, but also insensitive character.
Zelenskii has a more slender, communicative hand, an expression of an introverted but empathetic character.
Putin has all the mountains particularly evident. In particular the Mount of the Moon which symbolizes creativity, intuition and imagination. These aspects are taken from other characteristics of the hand and therefore make him a person with great imaginative ability, unusual in his role of power. They can be symbols of a person who uses ‘stories’ and exploits their aggregation capacity to bring the population together under the national flag.

Zelenskii has only a few prevailing mountains. This means less strength of character while the creative aspect predominates in him, accompanied by a good expressive capacity, where Putin has a more raw language, a sign of a difficulty in expressing thoughts in a free way. However, these structural characteristics indicate that Putin also has the ability to hold and not let go of power while Zelenskii has less competence to ‘lead’.
Conversely, a particular aspect of the thumb indicates that Putin has a lesser ability to leave his positive imprint on history. This suggests that despite his position as the powerful president of a vast and rich nation, he will not have the possibility of a substantial legacy in history. On the contrary Zelenskii, despite not having the luck to lead a nation towards a rosy future, has great chances of leaving a mark in the history of his country.
Both have the characteristic of relying more on their intrinsic luck in achieving goals, than on a true affirmation based on personal qualities. Especially Putin has a tendency towards personal wealth which he has adequately pursued.
It can be said, observing the line of Life, that the vicissitudes of life have made Putin a president, while for Zelenskii the being president that sustains his life. It is therefore probable that Zelenskii is destined to be overwhelmed by this war but to re-emerge stronger and more appreciated than before. For Putin, however, this is a moment of great tension that leads him to live in an extremely protected manner.
Both have an imaginative and creative mentality but of the two Putins sacrificed a part of himself to acquire a more concrete, cold, calculating mentality that limited his choice. Zelenskii on the contrary keeps intact a great ‘vision’ and ability to argue that is helping him to be heard. Furthermore, Putin’s ‘rigidity’ limits his possible action while Zelenskii is affected by those qualities of ‘flexibility’ that make him more fragile but also more suitable for modern times.
Both are in a time of great change in their lives. Putin, however, has reached the end of the important things to do where Zelenskii still has a long way to go.
As for personal vitality, it appears that Putin has exhausted his primary office. Zelenskii is younger but he also has a greater reserve of vitality that will still be able to support him in this difficult battle for life.
Both have an adequate sense of balance between emotions and rationality but while Putin has exhausted his sensitivity, Zelenskii still has before him the possibility of loving and being loved and still living the affective dimension fully.

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