How to date the life line

How is the time period in relation to life events calculated in hand reading?

The vertical that meets the Life line on the index side is about 20 years. See the first image

Are the following sections always 20 years old?

There are several calculation methods to determine the age on the Life line; let’s try to figure out how.

A first and simple method is to draw a vertical line that starts from the lateral side (towards the middle finger) of the index and goes down to touch the Life line.

At that point the corresponding age is about 20 years.

To continue dating, the Life line is divided into many equal parts to the first identified segment. Each section therefore corresponds to about 20 years.

Another more complex but fascinating method is the one shown in the second image.

1_st image
2_nd image

Two vertical lines are drawn, one from the middle finger to the wrist and the other from the index finger to the wrist.

In most people, the Life line has a curvilinear course that reaches the wrist (about 80 years), while in others it continues and rests at the base of the wrist surrounding the tenar eminence or Mount of Venus (100 years and more) .

Then a line is drawn from the tip of the thumb to meet the first vertical line at the base of the palm.

The meeting point between this third line and the second vertical line (from the index) is the fulcrum of the ‘cake’ of age.

From there, further lines are drawn starting from the fingers and geometric points at the ends of the palm that divide the Life line into different points.

The sections thus obtained are dated as shown in the image.

The first ages follow the progression of 7 years; the next about 14 years.

This method perhaps takes into account the fact that with age, time seems to go faster!

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