Palmistry. The distance is the problem but it is also the solution

In the Lockdown period we had difficulty meeting and therefore also to do and receive hand readings in the presence. This situation led us to find out that technology allows us to have a contact even if we do not live in the same city. I received many requests for people who wanted to get a hand reading. There is this possibility to make a reading through the photographs. So I want to talk to you about the remote reading service. It is a very effective, very useful system for those coming from far away but also for those who cannot come in presence. Especially when there is a need to have a consultation and there is not even the time available. What is the difference between a hand reading in the office and online, remotely? First of all it is clear that there are very important features that may be the observation of the consistency of the hand, mobility but sometimes even the way you enter the studio and present you, which can say many things about the person and his needs. Since we must however study and observe the characteristics of the hand, the photographs of the hand can be very useful, without distractions. It is clear that in the presence there is a much more familiar situation and is therefore also pleasant to have a direct encounter. But back to reading through photographs: in the past, this was a system adopted by famous people. Famous people in antiquity made a copy of his hand in plaster or took the imprint of the hand dirtying before ink and placing it on paper. Then they sent it. You could keep the fingerprints available for a long time, and see what changes that took place over the course of life. It has also passed to other forms, such as photocopies, which however do not have that quality that has the photo. The photo has three-dimensional aspects that allow you to see better those that are the depths of the lines but even obviously the color and some small features you can see by enlarging the image. In the presence you should use a magnifying glass to see the particular features while instead in a photograph, now good quality, you can enlarge and see microscopic aspects. It is clear that the best done photographs, better can be read. In this regard it is necessary to have a long enough time to be available so that you can see and review, read and re-read and re-evaluate the initial reading. This is another aspect, another advantage of remote reading, as it can have the time available to review some aspects; The contradictions present in the reading is also possible to combine signs that represent opposite sides of our character. Like everyone, it is possible to have contradictions that must be examined more completely. In the presence there is certainly an empathy relationship that facilitates the interpretation but the time available remains a limit to the questions and answers of the moment. The other positive aspect of reading at distances is the observation and evaluation work that precedes the reading of the hand. There is a first one and a second reading pass. The second occurs by phone. Then the traditional reading is traced in which the contradictions are debated. What are the tools we use? First of all we have whatsapp, for example to ship photographs, but also to talk. Messanger is a great tool. I invite you to visit both the Facebook page “Chirologia la mano parla”, both the “Chirologia.Blog” site or the same youtube channel “Chirologia” which contains many video lessons that I have prepared for those interested in deepening this form of research of themselves. Also on the site there are many articles on the destiny line, the heart line, the head line and so on. Everyone so has the opportunity to better understand what their characteristics are. So the possibility of having a remote reading can be associated with the reading of the site to learn about the main features of the hand and have a better knowledge of themselves. What can you see with your hand reading? First of all, each of us has personal characteristics that can be deepened and pointing to us our journey. Once this path can be not satisfactory. Then a reading can be useful to understand what the talents used and those that are hidden, or that you are not using. Who asks for a reading? People who carry out a professional activity and need to choose, to make choices, in front of situations where there is to invest money and time (we live in a risky historical phase). It is necessary to better understand what the potential possibilities are and how to settle situations. There are signs in the hand they tell us what are the best options for us, so what is the choice we will take, or that has more chance to succeed. Other interested persons can be couples who are understood a breaking period or indeed they are starting a life together and therefore want to have more knowledge of the other. Through the hand you can find out what your strong points are and therefore you can work on these strong points to live together the path. Or to understand what weak points are and then try to smooth those parts of character hardness to have a chance to face couple’s life with greater serenity. You can also be people who are looking for love; You want to understand, especially if young, what are your potential to put in play and what are the choices to do to go to that direction. You can still be people who want to have better knowledge of themselves for the pleasure of understanding you better. Hand reading gives you possible interpretations and gives you the opportunity to choose with greater serenity. I greet you and invite you to better observe the site and assess whether this kind of possibility, this kind of observation of themselves, can be of interest.

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